Monday, July 6, 2009

gosh winter and an energy ebb

... and I guess too many late nights don't help! Had dressage on Sunday, nice attitude from the boy, very happy with him and think the tests on a whole were better than last months (although the marks were a wee bit lower this time round). Very happy with him and the vids of them.

Smokey has just lost a wee baby tooth at the front, little gappy smile he has now LOL. He's been a good boy and I just threw the covers back on them 1/2 an hour ago and got a big smoochy hug from him instead of the usual mouthiness, was a very nice hug.

Work is ticking along, nothing hugely exciting to share there, no new things or techniques happening.

Marcus had his first every tummy bug on Saturday night which resulted in me being very tired for dressage and him staying at home with daddy! STILL tired now, would love to crash into bed at 6pm when he will be but have work to get done... no rest for the wicked!

But winter can be beautiful even if cold and wet....

There's snow in them there hills!

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