Saturday, July 11, 2009

Play Time With Mac, lets push the communication!

So I rode Smokey today, a nice little schooling session for him and walked over the trot poles there, we did some "pick a spot and ride to it" and the first 3 Smokey aimed too but didn't want to "touch" the spot till I told him he'd get a piece of apple or bread for each spot hit exactly. We got up to 7 before I thought I'd better pull the pin in case I didn't have enough treats there LOL. Once we finished it was Mac's turn and he was a funny boy and was in a playful mood. So after 15 boring mins of schooling I decided to do the point and shoot with him too, he too needed a little bribery to be bothered hitting the mark, then we both got bored with that and I said lets do some transitions the same way then, well he wasn't concentrating nearly enough and we ended up doing a lengthened trot right down the paddock me laughing my head off and him thinking he was so damn fine and funny! So gave up on that one and asked if he wanted to aim for some points again, he wanted to be more in control so we reversed the roles.... he was to pick a point, I would then see if I could get it from him and would then look away so I didn't influence where he went and he would walk to the point. We had a ball, out just a tad on a couple but all those trees in the wind break look the same to me LOL. Just a great fun, play session, was lovely!

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