Friday, July 10, 2009

Just what I needed!

Marcus's tummy bug continued for a while! We've now been 36 hours since the last messy session so hopefully it's gone! So after having canceled our lesson on Tuesday for him, I booked it in for this morning and it was a good one! :o)

Went out this afternoon and thought I'd better do some work with Smokey so while the float was hooked up we did some float loading, then gear on and long reined him up the paddock and back at which point Pete arrived home from work so Marcus climbed the gate and went back inside and I decided to jump on the wee poppet. So, how long has it been? About a month? As expected, he was a star, didn't set a foot wrong, very willing, moving nicely, so finish and trim those long feet up!

Sooty the little black goat had a partial foot trim a week or so ago but was still walking like a cripple so caught the fat brat tonight (she HATES her feet being trimmed!) and did hers while I was in the foot trimming mood, no rot thankfully and pretty brutal with the trim so hopefully she'll feel happier in a day or 2 hehehe.

And now back into work, no sick child, no broken sleeps to change beds, we're away laughing again! :o)

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