Tuesday, May 12, 2009


lovely site eh guys! People with vision, creating a safe haven for Kaimanawa Horses! Wonderful!!! Asking for donations and selling photo's to raise funds for these horses..... good cause!!!

The horses are dead.....

Nearly 40 of them all sent to the abattoir last week including Kai's recently sold to them and the old owner offered to take them back!

Vision my butt! DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY!!!! They have killed the horses they had and the website is still up and functional as is there blog www.elementalwildhorses.blogspot.com where their last post was only a month ago!

Spread the word, name and shame!

Run free you beautiful Kai's...

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Guilty Mother said...

This sort of thing sickens me. I was somewhat relieved to discover the site is currently "under going some changes" and is presently unavailable. Hopefully by that they mean going under never to resurface.