Monday, May 4, 2009


another dressage day gone and what a mess! Running late meant I had 20 mins from getting on till we were due to go in the arena and to be honest I don't know if an hour 20 would have been enough. Mac's brain was fried! He's been getting a bit antsy the last few weeks and very strong in his canters, wanting to have a blow out (my paddock really is NOT suitable for a blow out blat!) and Sunday after been eating high sugar grass growing up around them in the eaten down paddock and not enough work due to the rain built up to equal a write off in our first test :(

However after an hours warm up for our 2nd test we only had one major stuff up and the rest was OK, so have promised him I'll sort out a farm ride for the weekend and we'll aim for a couple of the steepest hills I can find and give him his blow out LOL.

In the meantime Smokey is getting covers on and off without getting "caught" in the paddock, he is also wondering when his next ride is, so cute. I'm sure it's only because he knows thats the only time he gets a feed, but still, it's nice to be wanted :)

Still working on the energy riding with Mac in particular since he's getting ridden more.

Karma my arthritic wee girl is sporting a new Back On Track coat and has started on Rhus Tox and is looking a little less stiff and sore which is great because it's been pretty cold.

And outside of that I'm exhausted! Too many late nights and no sleep ins LOL, I need some early nights... but must dash and finish talking with a very ill wee kitten so better sign off for now.

Keep warm, appreciate every second you have with your loved ones, 4 legged, 2 or none...

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