Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time is Flying By....

Where is the year going? A week ago we shot down to Christchurch and the boy child had a little bit of a party with his cousins since he was 3 on Monday.

Put entries in for our dressage next weekend, first of the winter series and doing ALL Elementary tests (eek). On a plus side Mac is working really well, and we've certainly stepped it up a notch, well over due but still, we're moving and thats the main thing!

Smokey got ridden in the rain last night, a nice soft drizzle and it seemed completely natural to be on him in it. I think that little bush pony could convince me to be more than a fair weather rider! He was watching Mac doing all his canter work yesterday and decided in his excitement during his ride afterwards that he could do that too LOL, 1/2 a canter stride before I thought better of it. He's responding brilliantly to just lifting and dropping the energy for transitions, a true blank canvas to play with.

So overnight was the first of our Autumn rains, a bit of a drought breaker thankfully and soaked up so fast by the grass today I feel like I should still be watering the garden!

May will be the usual fundraising month for the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust Inc, to help them with costs incurred during the muster usually held sometime in May. I know first hand what a great job they do, without their involvement Smokey would be dead...... so 25% of all consults paid for in May will go to them.

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