Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally Flying Solo....

After having not been ridden for 2 weeks I hopped on on Friday and Smokey was FRISKY!!!! Can you believe it?!!!

He was looking at everything, ears pricked forward, the dogs were out in the paddock with us while we were riding too, for the first time, so he was wanting to head to them all the time, Marcus and daddy were wandering up the paddock and he was ears forward watching them too.

And then!!! He'd STOP! LOL, that's Smokey being frisky hehehe, he'd get so "oh oh oh" he'd just stop! It was so cute.

So hopped on him again Sunday afternoon when we got home from visiting a preggy friend and since it was Marcus's dinner time, I left daddy inside with him and we went solo :)

Not a care in the world, not a worry, dogs out with us again. No stubborn stopping in sight not even when I got right back down by the shed and bellowed out to Pete to get the camera and take some photo's off the balcony. (Lighting wasn't the best so had to lighten one of them up.) While we were waiting for him to come back with the camera, we turned Smokey away from the finish line (the float and his feed and apples!) and circled up towards the top of the paddock again, he was happy as larry to do it too, so nice to see the stubborn streak is mellowing.

I got off him and while he was eating and getting big cuddles, I was talking to Mac who was behind the tape about 10 metres away and while I was talking to him about Smokey I was searching for the right adjective for Smokey..... it finally came to me.... "innocent". That's Smokey, he's innocent.

Then a lovely ride on my far from innocent Mac and hey presto it was dark while I was trying to pick up poo at only 7pm *sob*

I hate the end of daylight savings!!!

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