Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Right, who actually knows where the Easter Bunny and delivery of eggs came from? I don't remember hearing that one in school and it makes absolutely no sense to me!

Good Friday wasn't so good for Nicole and Roger, she came from town to ride him and right at the end she fell off! It was a good splat too eh Nicole, right on her butt, poor old Rog was terrified after that, people are supposed to stay on him not go flying!

Had a ride on Smokes, another hassle free ride and then he watched me ride Mac, ears pricked forward the whole time LOL.

Saturday was a trip into town and that resulted in a nana nap when I got home so horses got a day off hehehe.

Easter Sunday and I had a ride on Smokey again, did a full 20 mins and about 1/2 of that was trotting. Nice big long trots. He responds really well to the lifting of the energy to go into trot, don't need so much leg and clicking encouragement when I concentrate on riding him properly LOL.

Then a nice ride on Mac, even told Pete he had to get out on the balcony and get some photo's of us too! Last ones were over 5 yrs ago of me riding at home!!!! He managed to pop out on the balcony JUST as I got on, so we're not warmed up, then he chopped off my head, chopped off Mac's legs, made a couple blurry and I'm left with 2 semi decent photos LOL. Poor old Mac!

Was a gorgeous day too could have almost believed is was Spring! Even left the 2 hotties covers off last night!

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