Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mark Todd comes back to haunt me...

I remember as a young teen when Mark Todd was winning everything on wee Charisma (what a dude of a horse) Toddy would always praise the horse when anything went well, and always blamed himself if anything went wrong... Such a great and humble horseman, well FINALLY I'm reaching that point for myself.

FINALLY instead of thinking "but it must be Mac, I'm not doing anything wrong (or different)" I've put the magnifying glass on myself after reading Dancing With Horses by Klaus Hempfling and hey presto when mumma is straight, Mac is straight, when Mumma is right Mac is right. Poor old Mac, Mum's just been a crap rider up till now and he's been trying to compensate for my crap riding and getting told off for it (yeah yeah, some of us still don't listen well LOL) but I'm making it up to him now and it's never too late!

We're finally coming together not just in mind and spirit but finally in body too and it's a great feeling. After months and months of frustation and feeling like we're going backwards I finally feel like I can see where we're actually going and I'm gonna love every step of the journey!

It's not enough to just ride with the mind when the body is screaming something opposite, you must at least be neutral with the body if you want good results with the mind work LOL.

Mac my very patient teacher, the love of my life xxxx

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