Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meant to be????

Well I am a firm believer of "everything for a reason" and believe too that all the major stepping stones in our lives are preplanned and pretty much cannot be avoided, however how much do the little things affect us when they deviate from the "plan"?


LOL. I had the chance to talk with a cat just the other day, who had had a leg and a tail amputated. He wasn't really a happy boy but the loss of the mangled leg didn't worry him, but the loss of the tail upset him hugely! He was very much "the tail should still be here!" I sent him some energy for healing as was appropriate for him and funnily enough when I sent it to him this energy was going to the nonexistent tail!!! It didn't go to the missing leg, it's like it knew the leg was meant to go, but the tail should still have been there so the energy still went to the psychic tail if you like.

Was very strange! So had to give the boy a pep talk or 2 and remind him that we can't turn the clock back and bring his tail back for him and work thru a couple of things he was hanging onto around the whole accident and vet visits. Thankfully from the initial feedback from mum his mental attitude has relaxed and with some accupunture for some blockages and pain issues and the bioptron for an area he was licking raw he should come to terms with a slight deviation from his chosen path LOL.

We have spring rains happening which is just as well since they've said we may get droughts this summer, and Mac is going well, I'm still working hard on getting myself right, Smokey is a doll as per usual and Princess Roger is enjoying his new name (dear me!)

Dogs are good, child has his 4th cold, I've just had my back cracked after a weekend of agony and locked up muscles (till I remembered to use the bioptron on myself too!) and now feeling good :o)

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