Sunday, July 27, 2008

Synchronicity Saves A Life!!!

Had a GREAT outcome after a consult with a stressed cat (has been added, shortened as a testimonial on the website) who for 6 long months had been spraying, pacing and screaming inside. Mum and Dad had tried everything, pills and potions and nothing worked for more than a day or 2. The breeder had suggested it was possible he'd been raped by a tom (at her place) and in desperation I suppose, they emailed me.

Well I got a Tom involved but not in the way they thought, this wee boy knew there was a Tom cat hanging around the property and was ABSOLUTELY terrified of it. Terrified it was going to kill the chooks (his little clowns) terrified it'd hurt the other cats and the smaller dogs, he was so brave to mark inside because he was terrified that if the Tom knew he'd kill him too, soooooo brave to try to warn and protect his family in the only way he knew how...

Thankfully the family took enough on board to put a 'live trap' out to try to catch the tom. In the meantime only days before they received my email he'd been put on cats valium (stressed him out even more because he couldn't be alert to protect his family!) and his behaviour was as bad as it was prior to my talk and no Tom cat in sight! I can understand how you'd think that was a "waste of money" right?!

Mentally and physically exhausted his mum and dad made "the" decision for him, he was booked to go to the vet 10am the morning I got an email from dad..... Reading this email and getting to that point I was devestated!!! This sensitive brave soul had been put down, they hadn't "trusted" quite enough and they gave up!!!!!! The next line of the email started with a


It appears the afternoon before a little girl riding a bike came to the house asking if they had a grey fluffy cat because one had just been hit on the road.....

Here are dads words.....

"I went for a walk and saw the mass of hair on the side of the road. Got closer-------------- IT WAS THE BLOODY TOM!!!! He was an ugly bastardKelly-Anne!!!! We'd set a 'live-trap' in the gorse on the perimeter of our paddock - adjacent to the main road. He'd been having a scoff cause his carcass had gorse flowers and thorns all over him. He was matted from head to tail. And reciting your email of Mikas description - "Rambo", I could definitely understand why ANY cat would be scared of him!

I'm not sure if I did the right thing but I placed the carcass outside the property where Mika might discover it (which he did as I looked on). I hope I didn't unleash a new 'can'. We refused to give him velium last night - rang the vet to cancel the appointment, and give our boy 'one more chance'. We weren't expecting him to be cured over night but we thought we'd see how he went.

He woke up at 2am. Had a feed - a sniff - a walk around - a bit of a chat ... went back to sleep!!!!!!It's Tuesday lunchtime and .... He's still sleeping! Shit - hope he'salive! "AFFIRM - he is" :) I've decided to take him off the velium -awful stuff!!!

Soooooo - that's the latest. It was almost 'lights out' for our little boy but it was amazing how circumstances crop up when you least expect them. Thanks Kelly-Anne for patiently reading through this email. I've told my family about you and they're just as amazed as we were. I'll let you getback to 'talking' to all the other Mikas.

Have a great day. Arohanui..."

ooooooh what a sigh of relief!!!! They'd believed me enough to put a trap out! The trap had caused the cat to get run over, and that wee angel on her bike brought the Tom to dad's attention.... if any of those things hadn't happened in the right order wee Mika wouldn't be with us still!

Synchronicity???? Certainly something/one helped save like Mika's life!

Rest in Peace Tom Cat, but I'm sure glad it was you rather than Mika... Mika is still improving, still a chatterbox but he's able to now release all that stress and get back to being himself again.

THANK YOU GUYS!!!!! Thank you for being open to trying me, thank you for taking just enough on board that it ultimately made a difference!

For everyone else PLEASE remember, they do NOT do this type of thing for nothing, they ARE trying to tell you something, no matter how small it is, it's important to them, the ones that delight in peeing etc inside are such a minority, it's either physical or emotional or BOTH! Mika was also found to have a urinary tract infection (no wonder with the stress he'd put on himself!) Maybe just sharing this story will give one person the patience to find the answer for their animal too, if it does that the old Tom cats life was not in vain...

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