Monday, April 5, 2010

I am just Oh So Proud of my wee Kaimanawa

I could rave about him all day every day!!!! No doubt everyone everywhere would get sick of hearing it but he is just so wonderful!!!! We did a lot of canter work at our lesson on Friday, we even went overtime to try to get the breakthrough but he was just too tired and it was too much. So he's had a couple of days off and jumped on him today, a nice gentle warm up working all the cricks out of muscles for him and then into canter, about 15 seconds into that first canter and wham bam thank you ma'am he softened, rounded and his balance was 100% better than it has been. Did another 3 canters in total and finished, what a short but great ride :o)

I don't think he ever wanted to be a wee dressage horse but he's shaping up nicely :o)

Mac on the other hand is as frustrating as hell, it's like a roller coaster ride with him. He was so great on Wednesday I could have jumped on him, today he didn't even want me catching him! So FRUSTRATING! Still, he did get caught, and we did get some ground work done and he certainly earned that feed he got! Brat!

Chooks are still alive and kicking, one of the scrawny girls got stuck (upside down I might add) between one of the dog shelters and the fence (they are in the unused dogs pen!) Was fun and games to get her out, but she hadn't been there long and was OK :o) All the older girls are pretty good with them, not going out of their way to harass them which is great (and expected! I tell all the new comers my girls are lovely, gentle girls, I expect them to live up to that!)

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