Saturday, May 1, 2010

May is upon us... So it's all about the Kai's

just a reminder that 25% of all consults this month goes the the KWHWT (Kai Trust) to help sponsor a horse or 2 from the muster this month, perhaps the last muster of it's kind if the contraception trials work out, peoples last chance perhaps to get a horse straight from the wild!!!!

If you can help by taking a horse, or sponsoring one, or even just a $20 donation, I urge you to do it, these sweet ponies never asked to be mustered and slaughtered, they never asked to be ripped away from their families, their babies, their home and be trucked off to yards and people or death. We have taken it upon ourselves to "manage" these dear horses and kill off those not "wanted"... my darling Smokey was supposed to be one of those unwanted ones. Smokey, my gentle, sweet, giving young boy should be dead.... please help us save another Smokey, to give another young one a chance at life....

Again, the Kai Trust on facebook Facebook

Their website

Or of course, to make a donation at the same time as a consult, email me (email is all through the website)

And talking about Kai's, Kaimanawa Disciple (yep, that's Smokey :o) is doing his first level 1 dressage tests tomorrow, wish us luck!

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Sonny said...

Wow. it is really amazing that you can make a difference like that. I'm trying really hard to open a charity organization that supplies horse supplements and supplies to people who are having a hard time, but it's really hard to get started. Its good to have some positive inspiration!