Sunday, June 13, 2010

OK, Feedback....

Like the new look? Or return to the way it was? No comments and I'll gather it doesn't matter one way or another LOL.

It has been WET and COLD!

No riding for weeks! Been tired too, going to bed very early which is unusual, but am finally rid of the sore throat that's been bugging me for over a week :o)

Dozer the bull mastiff has just had another hot spot (wet eczema) flare up after Leo punctured his neck AGAIN! and Karma washed it beyond clean AGAIN! but yay! Got it under control and dried up without the vet visit or steroids or antibugs! 2 washes in copper sulphate, and daily washing with the Himalayan Crystal Salt and it's dried up, WOOHOOO!

Fantastic timing, I read about using tea and asprin to dry it out too, a wholistic vet sent out a newsletter with this in it just a couple of days ago, brew a cup of strong black tea, add an asprin and hold a cloth soaked in it on the site for 5 mins, then wipe over 4 times a day with apple cider vinegar (the same as the salt) so something I might try next time Leo plays too hard!

Communication wise not a lot that is new to report, tips are still getting put up on the FaceBook page for anyone interested.


and this is Summer said...

you mean something has changed ;-) Looks fine either way to me.

KA said...

do you see it on an all black background now? (I don't know how to get it back to the old one anyway hahaha)

Saffy said...

Defineitely change it back. make it BRIGHT and yea!!!