Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 the Year of the Horse and being an Alchemist...

Don't ask me what that means for the year because I have no idea, but lets face it, if it's anything to do with horses we'd better make it a good year for ourselves huh?!

Another year of being slack posting on the blog, crikey!  Last year not only did we farewell my gorgeous old Zak, but my darling, placid Dozer left us too.  Only time he's EVER tried to jump into the vehicle by himself was when we were heading into the vets for the last time, poor sweet boy.

The communication work has been ticking along for the last year, the trip to Taranaki was brilliant, had a few hiccups on the home front and the horses are still taking a back seat to work and being tired and everything else that conspires to get in the way.  Having said that Smokey and I did a 20km Endurance ride which was BRILLIANT, managed to wipe an hour off the time we would normally have done a trail ride in and Smokey just loved it.  Did a couple of days show jumping too, well, it would have been a couple of days if I hadn't fallen off in the first round on the first day and concussed myself LOL.  Ended up being only really one day of jumping (the next day) but he did really well that 2nd day, very pleased :)

The cats are great, I bought Leo (the sole remaining dog!) a new car so he could finally have a back seat and trip around with us more now he's an only child, it's amazing how that mentally tires him out hehehe, and I'm on the look out for a piglet to add to the family as some company for Leo, can't wait to track one down!

2013 personally was another year of challenges for me... I've always been a positive person, but the last 2 yrs really sat me on my butt and I have learned what depression is and the addiction of that type of wallowing pain and even knowing all of Eckhart Tolle's teachings inside out didn't make it any easier to set that pain down and leave it there.  'Holding it with Awareness' didn't work, 'watching it' didn't work, I could acknowledge at the time it was ego and pain body but it didn't stop me clinging to it and being miserable and making those around me miserable, very strange thing depression!!!

So I decided I needed to do something to be able to shift this stale, stagnant, blocked energy that was/is the "pain body" as ET describes it and I needed to rework what I knew from his stuff to work for me.  Lets face it, us Aquarians are great at reinventing the wheel LOL!!!

While thinking of how and what to do to help, into my mind popped "Alchemy."  As a kid in science class alchemy always fascinated me and when it popped into my mind I realised that is exactly what I needed to do, alchemy!  Change a base energy into a pure one, a sluggish, heavy energy into a pure more elevated energy, I needed to become an alchemist :)

It was/is very simple and pretty easy in reality, much like energy healing it is simply all intent, so my conversation with myself and the Powers that Be would go something like this... "this fear (or pain, or whatever it was) is a base energy that I am transmuting to the pure vibration of the Source, this energy is being lifted from heaviness to purity, just like alchemy this heavy energy is becoming something of value and purity." and more to that effect, the funny thing was how well it damn well worked!!!!  I certainly hadn't expected it to work like it did!!!  As the energy shifted vibration (and it did, pretty much every time!) it would set off full body, all over tingles, you KNEW it was happening, you could feel it happening plain and simple and the best part was unlike "putting something down" and trying to walk away from it, when you inevitably would end up returning to it and picking it up again, there was nothing to pick up again!!!!  That particular energy had transformed!  It was great :)  It IS great, I just need to remember to do it each time it's needed LOL.

On the plus side all of the 'challenges' have been relationship based and when the darling man finally decided he actually wanted to be in this relationship and has had his own major energy shift happen, it has been a lot easier to stay away from the stinking thinking anyway!

On my personal wall on FaceBook I was challenged to do a 365 days of daily gratitude, knowing I needed it I took up that challenge and we are now 1/3 of the way thru that particular year!!!  I tried to do one solely animal based on the Talk To Your Animals FaceBook page too, but heck keeping up 2 of them even on a decent day was just too hard, maybe once this 365 days it up I'll carry it on on the other page too :)

So, so far 2014 is kicking off to be another year of growth and expansion, and still challenges a plenty but I'm feeling more equipped to actually deal with them constructively instead of bashing my head again a brick wall like I've been doing lately LOL.

Here's hoping the Year of the Horse brings you great learning as only a horse can do, the perfect mirrors they are, so don't be surprised if this year you don't start finding out what it is in yourself that you see in others that bugs you so much hehehe.

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