Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Morning!

Well got to Wellington last week to do the filming for the Good Morning Show. It was very quickly, filmed as if it was live and only 8mins long so blink and I nearly missed doing it myself! Each time I was just winding up in a question Steve was interupting and leading it on to the next bit, so have no idea till I see it myself how much info actually came across there!

Had a lovely young red doberman bitch to talk to about a couple of things. She gave me one unusual image of a glass partition from ceiling to floor to keep the cats out of her way (as she'd like it thank you!) which her mum said was how their house was so that fitted in nicely (although it didn't answer the question of how to get Boogie to get on better with the cats LOL)

Still it was a great 4 days away, a terrific experience and got to meet a couple of horsey owners (and a lovely young baby horse I've been working with) so well worth the boat ride (did I mention I hate leaving land? Flying, boats, hell even cars if hubby is driving, all make me SICK! Thank God for Ginger pills hehehe)

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