Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nearly Spring!!! Time for some Emotional Releases

Rain has left us alone for a couple of days, and the grass is growing. Mac and I had dressage on the weekend, we managed to get a 2nd and a 4th and I was actually pretty happy with his tests myself!

He's had 3 sessions of healing (emotional) from Jeanne and I must say although he was initially "you don't like me the way I am!" he got over himself and has responded really well!!!

Certainly gave me the physical signs after the sessions, cuddles at unusual times, relaxed attitudes when I was pushing the boundaries with him. He had 3 sessions with her and was able to release his biggy on the 2nd one, don't know why I didn't think of it earlier! It took him being a jealous wally and biting me when I asked if they'd like another baby to come and live with them, before I had a chat with him about what he means to me and how because of his issues I've learned to truly appreciate all the SMALL things (like being able to do a girth up while you're on a horse!) and that although there are many things we still can't do just yet we'll get there in OUR time frame and love the journey. Mac fed back to me an overwhelming sadness and regret that he couldn't give me what I'm hoping this new baby can and it brought tears to my eyes, I suddenly thought of how Jeanne had worked with me on Bailey a baby horse who had an exploding shoulder that after a year of treatment and operations with vets has healed up AFTER we got her to deal with her attention seeking issues.... long story, poor wee Bailey was ripped away from her mum and weaned on the spot and has a fear of abandonment.... and asked her to work her healing magic on Mac!

Well I'm suitably impressed and although it wasn't in reality anything I hadn't told him before it came with some much needed healing and it came too I suppose, from someone unattached to him, someone who had no reason to lie to him.

Certainly amazing how many physical problems (like Bailey) can be made so much worse through emotional issues!

So I'm looking forward to riding Mac bareback this summer!!!!!!! He's already invited me on, but I chickened out, falling off hurts! So I'll set it up for a safe situation for the "just in case" that lingers in MY mind (hey I know what he's capable of when blinded by fear!) and we'll go for it!

In the meantime, next week is my home visit to approve the property for the possibility of the new baby!!! Smokey a Kaimanawa gelding... not going to jinx it by saying anymore as it's not a given that he's mine yet! Keep your fingers crossed for us, Mac will have 2 yrs to get used to him being in on the act before they have to share a float to comps hehehe.

May Spring be gentle to you all, everything in moderation would be a nice motto for Mother Nature to start following right about now!


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