Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Autumn here Again Already?!

A nip to the air in the mornings, getting dark earlier at night, but still glorious hot sunny days :o)

We're heading up to the Nth Island on Friday, looking forward to meeting some people I've previously done some work for, will be nice to put faces to names and meet some more of their babies in person :o)

I'll miss my babies though, it's 10 days! Ah well, we'll all appreciate each other when we get home I suppose!

Smokey is going to have his first dressage competition on April 11th :o) Mac will sit that one out, by the time we get home and I get back on him again he'll have a week or 2 of work under his belt after nearly 4 months off and for level 3 he needs just a little bit more work than that!

Dogs are good, chickens are cute and good, Marcus is nearly 4 eek!!!

Finally emailed the Kebzeh foundation again in relation to doing their course, looked at when I was last enquiring and it was 2 1/2 yrs ago!!! Where has time gone?! Will be interesting to find out where expanding the energy work in that direction will take me :o)

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