Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home :o)

Was a fantastic time in the Nth Island, caught up with friends, family, met new people, met some wonderful and cheeky animals. Had a great day at the Kaimanawa Range Trip, apparently we didn't see as many horses around as other years (Army was doing exercises in the Valley they are usually seen in) but those we did see kept us company for a good distance, racing along side the bus something they don't usually do (a little encouragement at the beginning and a lot of flattery helped hehehe). A beautiful piece of "desert", some lovely land in there! Very worthwhile trip to do!

this is where we stopped for lunch, the horses obviously spend a bit of time in here amongst the trees as there was poop around :o)

Got a feel for where some horses were and it felt like some off to the left and forward of the hut so asked if they could come down towards the Valley floor (where the Army was). We headed out in the bus after lunch and saw these 3, a young foal ...

We also stopped at the yards and saw where Smokey made his break for freedom... the yard on the right was where he should have been and they went to the works, the yard on the left was where he ended up with the babies to be rehomed, and the gate he barged thru to earn his freedom :o)

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