Monday, August 2, 2010

Is it Spring already?!

We've been having glorious days, frosty starts but warming up to T-shirt weather, the promise of Spring just around the corner is in the nesting birds (love the sound of Magpies calling!)

My mini arena (square pen LOL) has the crusher dust spread in it, just need to string line the tyres around the sides and fill them all with poo and rocks (good way to get rid of both!) so they don't walk off across the paddock but Smokey and I have been using it last week getting ready for Dressage yesterday.

He is feeling a wee bit insecure about his floating at the moment and is happy to follow me on but not keen on self loading, but we'll get it back again. He's been very smoochy in the paddock for the last week or so too, and a bit of a spring in his step when being ridden. Warmed him up at the dressage yesterday and he was lovely :o) Soft contact, forward, not Olympic standard by any means, but a step up on how he has been going so very happy with him.

He got a 61.53% in his first test which put him 5th, and a 60% in his 2nd test (another 5th!) and I was very happy particularly as the 2nd test (1.6) is pretty much a level 2 test and had HEAPS of canter in it which Smokes needs a lot of work on yet! AND they were decent size classes so he was in the top 3rd for both tests :o) Of course to top off the day it was the guys official birthday so Smokey was celebrating his "official" 5th birthday.

It was a rainy windy day and I was rapt with his work and attitudes, very very proud mummy :o)To top off a lovely day when I got home and checked the chickens I had 12 eggs from 15 girls to greet me, the most ever! You go Girls!!!! (what the heck am I going to do with all these eggs?! Any bright spark got some good ideas for someone who hates the kitchen, cooking and baking! LOL)

Now need to get another jumping lesson or 2 in as we have another Show Hunter on the 15th, see if we can canter a round this time instead of trot it LOL.

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