Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It is so nice to see respect develop

Marcus now not only respects the dogs (altho he still delights in making Phoenix move because he knows she will) but he (apparently) now Loves the dogs too. He's always loved the chickens, "hey girls, hey cutie, I love you, thanks for the eggs, how are you?" etc etc non stop LOL, but the dogs is a new thing, because they've been here longer than he has and inside with him a lot of the time, the young child who had no siblings delighted in harassing them just to get a rise from them. However now he treats them more like he does the chickens which is so lovely to see. Zak the baby lover has been waiting a looooooooooong time for this and will now accept touching and cuddles from Marcus without the warning growls :o)

and just because Leo would be so embarrassed by this one hehehe

And a lovely farm ride with Smokey today, a solid 3 hours, up hill and down dale, in fact up so many steep hills all in one go he gave up and had to walk half of them poor poppet, when I even said to him "come on we'll do a trot up here" his breathing would get so laboured just thinking about a trot I'd give up and tell him to just keep walking! Still by the time we got back 3 hours later, he was recovered and enjoyed a cruisey canter along the nice flat raceway...

Me and my shadow...

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