Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016 a year of "firsts"

The first snows of winter have hit the sunny south, absolutely breathtaking views with it sitting in the hills, and it can stay up there in the hills too!

So 2016 has so far brought some exciting avenues for expansion in that I am now teaching YOU guys how to do animal communication!   Yes!  That's right, I have always loved teaching and teaching others that this is not a "gift" I'm "lucky" to have but a SKILL I have learned to develop and that you can do it too, is a wonderful opportunity to teach a passion and enrich some more lives, 2 legged and 4 :D

Have so far done my first course here in sunny Marlborough, have one fully booked for Auckland in less than 2 weeks time and Tauranga the week following (still has a couple of spaces spare, who's keen?!)  Invercargill is teed up for Labour Weekend in October, so it's all fun times ahead and house sitters galore for all the kids being left behind (I hate going away and leaving the babies behind!)

And on the note of babies, you haven't been introduced yet to Ruger and Remington, the 2 kittens that we got in January, 2 gun metal grey (can you tell by their names?!) fluffy, GORGEOUS boys.  Will have to find some photos for you, they are just adorabubble!

 The colours look all washed out, but they just happened to always be with background colours too similar to them LOL.  Remi is the first one, Ruger is snuggled up with Vada's feet, and the two of them together :D 

I'll share a little secret with you.... Ruger and Remi are my boys Joe and Zak (dogs) come back for some more action.  Joe (Remi) is just loving being a cat, the same way he was a soft but preditory dog, Ruger is my love bunny Zak and is much more "friendly" as a cat in that sense. 

So so special to have my boys back with me <3 br="">

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