Thursday, March 20, 2008

Auckland Again!

Well here we are heading off to Auckland again. My younger brother is over from the USA for the first time in 10 yrs. There's also a martial arts camp on this same weekend so we figured it was easier to go up and see him up there, give hubby his martial arts weekend and I'll do some work.

Not much happening down here, been told off by my riding instructor for not riding enough during the week (little bugger planned that telling off I could tell, he positively SMIRKED! Wasn't smirking so much after I told him one more scrap and no dinner hehehe) What? Did he still fight working? Yep! So no dinner!!! Don't flap my gums for nothing! Wish it worked that easy on the child!

So Easter in Auckland with my whole family! WOW! Better be lots of easter eggs getting dished out!

So Happy Easter, safe traveling if you are tripping around and remember once past the lips forever on the hips LOL. See you next week!

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