Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Question!

from ecochicnz - Just being curious (again)...Once an animal passes over, how long before they can come back and speak? Are they like humans in that everyone is different, some need to go to 'hospital' first? Or are they advanced enough to come through straight away?Do all the one's you are asked to contact WANT to speak? Or are some stubbornly quiet? *lol*Cheers.

Thought I'd make a new post of it ecochic!

I can of course only speak from my experiences and I can't honestly say I have ever had an animal say they're busy and in "hospital" (in fact I'm not quite sure what the "hospital" is hehehe) When I spoke to Joe it was literally minutes after his death, often I'm not asked to speak to an animal that quickly so perhaps they've had that time to regroup by the time I'm called in.

Generally speaking I can always "find" them but yes some are not chatterboxes. The easiest way around this is to bypass their personal energy and get the answers required from the "Source" if you like, the energy that everything is made up of and contains all the answers. I had to use that when trying to find out what had happened to an injured animal. I wasn't getting anything clear from the horse (may have been the pain or the drugs interferring I'm not sure) but got enough clues from the "source" that the owners then located the fence from that.

Generally speaking the dead animals are happy to be heard and be able to pass on some comfort to mums and dads left behind. Interestingly there have been a couple recently that when I spoke to them I saw them as 'people', make what you like of it, to me it felt like they had been people before or were showing an advanced form if you like (one recognisable to me who was speaking to them) I certainly took it that these souls weren't limited to being animals over and over again!

My Great Dane Tai doesn't come thru clearly at all, since his initial dance in front of me after he was put to sleep, and when I asked Joe about it I got a "he's preparing" and saw an image of a male, tall, slim with dark hair (fits that black great dane image LOL) and that impression that he was busy preparing his return (the image makes me think it's as a person perhaps) so will be interesting to see what I get when I search for "Tai" in a year or two!

As for how it happens with people I can't say, I've accidentally spoken with 2 people, both linked in with horses, so have no idea on whether you can find them right off or not. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to tho, the energy is infinite, and capable of everything, there is no reason why it can't "talk" and rest at the same time hehehe.


ecochicnz said...

That is really fascinating!
some of that ties in with the book I have been reading which details how souls are not limited to species at all, so I would think your assumption is perfectly correct.
The 'hospital' is where people spirits seem to be able to go if they have had an illness while in the physical, so they go off to recoup until their energy is such that they are able to keep the vibrational level to talk to us here.
Animals seem to be so much more in tune while here (according to this book) that perhaps they really don't need this 'hospital' anyway!

KA said...

hmmmm interesting concept of the "hospital" but not one that makes much sense to me! They don't need to keep a vibrational energy to talk to someone that goes out and finds them, because that person has gone out and sought out the energy vibration that they ARE, if that makes sense. If they needed to pull together to be seen as a ghost or move things or come to a person they wanted to hear them it would make a little more sense, but it's still something I don't understand.

My understanding is that once freed of the body and energy that makes us up is that of the "Source" that universal energy or God Force that is in all of us. That energy is pure Love if you like and there would be no reason for it be need to be altered once returned to this Source because that energy incoporates all frequencies. I do however think some if not all souls have to work thru their physical experiences as they were/are our whole purpose, to experience, to learn from, and a priority for many after 'death' I guess would be to re-examine those and for some it may take priority.

But hey, that's just my take on it and like I said so far I haven't had any say no, so who knows LOL.