Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Horse Fighting in the Philippines

Yes it is illegal but it happens in front of huge crowds. Be warned it IS graphic and heartbreaking.


You want to do anything??? Write to the Philippine Embassy where ever you are and tell them they'll never have your tourist dollar as long as it continues.

Embassy of the Philippines in Wellington, New Zealand
50 Hobson Street,
P.O. Box 12-042
WellingtonPhone: (644) 4729-848 & 472 9921
Fax: 00-644-4725170
Email: embassy@wellington-pe.co.nz

Visit http://www.networkforanimals.org/Site/level2.php?id=88&article=157 follow THEIR link to the mayor of the city and sign up for their email newsletter and offer your support.

Brian May (from Queen) www.brianmay.com/brian/letters/letters.html is a huge animals rights fan and some horse people reckon he'll get on board so email him too... brians.soapbox@clara.co.uk


ecochicnz said...

Well done KA,
its always hard reading about this sort of human sickness, but more frustrating not knowing what to do from so far away.

KA said...

yep! even if it does nothing we can know we tried right?! If we inundate the embassy with emails they'll at least know we don't think much of them... if we can get some higher profile people on board maybe it'll spread the word even further... a lot of it is awareness isn't it! If you're not aware you can't object in ANY way...