Friday, February 15, 2008


well we've had some high profile (within some forums) neglect cases going on lately. First was Eve the dog the SPCA 'rescued' and decided to save and made her a high profile, media magnet, and money maker for them... however we seem to be having problems in this country with getting ANY agency not just the SPCA to step up and deliver the goods when it's a horse involved.

This story is the latest....

A horse seen by people driving past, in a very sad condition.... numerous excuses being made by a high profile owner. Horse was shot (at least a month too late by the looks of her!) But the owner is not being held accountable for the state this mare reached! Where is our accountability?

We buy, or are given, or rescue, or breed these animals, they are our family and our responsibility for as long as we "possess" them.... The state this horse was in if it was a child would have the owners pulled in front of a judge so fast it would make their heads spin! And this owner in my opinion is no better than a child beater, abuse is abuse, and the pain this mare was obviously in CANNOT be justified under any circumstances!

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ecochicnz said...

Well said!
There seems to be an awful lack of consistency within the legislation for animal welfare, and also in the mentality of the general population.
I think we are all connected, and when we hurt another, we hurt ourselves - how many would stop if they thought that way?

KA said...

well said (and welcome) ecochicnz... how many would if it was them! Unfortunately most of the world still see animals as "dumb" in both senses of the word, and I truly believe they nullify a lot of their guilt and responsibility with that type of thinking. Particularly an animal that is not a house pet and not "in your face" with it's suffering so to speak.