Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello from Auckland

well here I am in Auckland again, having overcast days, humidity and remembering why I shifted away!!!

Had a lovely evening with some of the ladies from the NZhorses board, did some work yesterday and going for a ride with an old friend from pony club days tomorrow morning. Anna's crew of horses are something pretty special, they do film work, displays, even in this years Auckland Santa Parade and it'll be my first chance to see them on top of catching up with Anna in person, gosh last time I saw her in person could have been close to 20 yrs ago! Now THAT makes me feel old!

Had a person contact me while I was up here asking if I did courses for Animal Communication, and although I don't I invited him to come have a chat and was able to point him in the direction of a good book at least. How do you teach something you sort of accidentally discovered?! But if sharing how I discovered it can help anyone else I'm all for it! It's something we all can do at least even if we have to put a bit of effort in to learn it!

Another 3 days and I'm home again, my darling husband Pete is taking Mac for his chiropractic appointment tomorrow and I took our darling son with me to one today so we're even I reckon!

Must remember to check in tomorrow morning and make sure Mac is OK and behaving!!!

Don't forget - Talk To Your Animals!

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