Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well, that was quick!

Speaking of cranky mares!!!! I got a text from cranky mare's mum last night saying she was STILL getting stuck into the seaweed meal and she allowed them to saddle her up and ride her!!! 2 days ago mum said her daughter was attacked by the mare as she tried to put the saddle on!

I was hoping it would be a quick difference but said to allow a week or so! 2 days of seaweed meal, Evening Primrose Oil and getting her OFF epsom salts.... so far so good!

My old cripple Joe had a wee bit of dinner last night and has eaten this morning and moved too, so hopefully it was just another purge of his system flushing some more crap out... he does seem to time these fasting sessions with a new additive to his food, the first one Himalayan Crystal Salt, this one after we added Devils Claw to see if we can get him off the Metacam. (Yep he really is an old cripple!)

He is also very much a mummy's boy and I know he'll tough it out for as long as he possibly can. He has been my guardian angel for 11 yrs now (he is now 12 1/2) and I'm just so glad my son has had a chance to know him, in fact it was DoDo (Joe Joe) who taught him his newest word, "toe-nails" hehehe

Well I can hear a lot of laughing on the childs part with the dogs which means he'll be harassing them, so I'd better save the long suffering creatures!

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