Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow, time flies!

Another birthday been and gone, no more pressies till Christmas :(

On a plus we got a day's worth of good solid rain earlier in the week so my grass is set for autumn! Had friends camping in the backyard for over a week, was lovely to see them and the dogs LOVED the attention, unfortunately my old boy Joe has now stopped moving and eating, although he did this 7 months ago for 3 days too so we're not whipping him off to the vets just yet. Lots of healing going his way. Heading up to Auckland next week, that's come around fast and by the time I get home Mac will have seen the chiropracter and be ready for some work!

Just been speaking to a lady with a mare who has gotten extremely cranky... vet did bloods and they showed everything "within normal range", a hair analysis since has shown several deficiencies which is interesting, which is more interesting is that no one bothered considering hormones! Anyway the mare has been offered seaweed meal and has got stuck into it as soon as it was put in front of her so that's a good sign. The evening primrose oil should helpfully smooth some of those hormones out, and hopefully the cranky lady will be back to normal soon! Am looking forward to hearing to how she responds!

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