Thursday, January 3, 2008

Live and Learn...

Well I got Mac an EMRT (bowen) session yesterday with a friend who is learning it. Having had one session done briefly on a dog many years ago I always thought it was a type of "massage", but having since seen my friend working with just stage 1 (hands on in certain positions) and seen the results afterwards I finally realised it was a form of energy healing! Very fascinating and the way Mac responded to his first session 2 weeks ago was great. Lines appeared all over his body the next day (looked like someone had raked through his coat with sharp fingernails) and MAN was he grumpy! 2 days later however his coat was super soft and very shiny. The lines apparently appear because the lymphatic system is stimulated and they release a lot of toxins.

His 2nd session yesterday after I had a lesson started off as good as the first but by the end of it he decided he'd had enough and wouldn't let her do the last move.

I'm more impressed with Bowen having seen this results just after a simple hands on in position rather than if I'd seen them after a full proper "session".

Very interesting to know the underlying method they are using though since any type of energy work is an interest, heck that's what communication is! ;-)

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