Tuesday, January 1, 2008


and us Kiwi's get to welcome it in first! We truly are in God's Own aren't we?! I'm already thinking ahead to what 2008 may hold for me. My wee 2-legged one will be turning 2, Mac will be cemented into Novice Dressage, will a year be enough to climb to elementary???? ooooooh up to me I guess isn't it!

We're patiently awaiting the chiropractors visit to town again this month as the silly bugger has a sore hip again and I would love to start having our jumping lessons again! He's had 2 yrs off (thanks Marcus LOL) and we both enjoyed it so much! (the jumping not the time off!)

I'm jumping into a new thing, an applied science, called Kebzeh and it may even involve a trip to Canada so will be saving madly just in case!

Am heading home to Auckland for a week on 31st January, so nana can see the wee fella and I don't have to pay for him till he turns 2 so had to make the most of it!

The dogs are ticking along, after losing my lovely great dane this year at 5 1/2 unexpectedly to cancer, and have acquired a new 5mth old goat as her family will be flitting back and forwards to Oz.

Well I have 1/2 the year planned already so it'll be interesting to see what else comes with it!

I hope you all have a great 2008. I hope you get what you need and that what you need is what you want!

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