Monday, February 18, 2008

My Beloved Old Boy and his last day at the beach

Let me introduce you to my Guardian Angel, Joe! Joe was 12 in September and is a bit of an old cripple. He was xrayed at 18mths and found to have Hip Displacia and Chronic Arthritis then, so has spent his entire life on supplements and extra goodies and I never thought he'd have lasted this long!!!!

Unfortunately he has faded fast over the last week and I checked again with him on Thursday after feeling a sinister hard patch around one kidney area and I finally got an "I'm ready" from him. So it was a vets visit to cement things for me and now a last couple of days to build up new photo's and to take him to his old favourite places before we visit the vet again tomorrow to say our last physical farewell.... he has also put in his order to be cremated!

He is pure love is this dog, he would always give 110% for me and refuse to do anything for anyone else hehehe....

My Joe - Indara Cito, born 30/09/95...

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