Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Remember Guys...

If there is anything you want to know or just pass on and share with others you are more than welcome... just chuck it as a comment somewhere, I can answer it within a proper post like this if it's off topic to where you've put your comment/question... Nothing is a problem!


ecochicnz said...

Hi again KA,
What are the different kind of animals you have communicated with so far?
Is there any species which is easier than others or harder than others, and why?
What sorts of things do you get from them - health? their future? their homelife? their self-diagnosis? their awareness of the bigger picture?
Do you find some are more 'tuned in' than others, just like humans?
*lol* sorry, have a tonne of questions...

KA said...

Wow that was fast! Welcome back ecochic!

So far I've spoken with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, fish, llamas, & donkeys (off the top of my head!) some I just volunteered to do because I wanted to know "how" they thought. They all seem to think the same as us in reality. What they may be WILLING to pass on when the questions start is a different story and I do find cats the hardest in that respect!

No I don't get their future and wouldn't trust that it would be righyt if I did, the future is changable to an extent. I link more with their personalities than anything else and don't see out of their eyes so if they indicated a "buddy" at home (or in the paddock) I wouldn't be sure what species that buddy was! Some of them are very aware of the bigger picture, some not at all. Some animals can get lost in grief like we do so I just link both energies back up again and explain they can find them at any time if needed. Self diagnosis? Not really, pain and health issues I do without actually "talking" to the animal. Using the photo you'll just get a spot that pulls your attention. I can double check legs or from one side of the animal to the other using my hands as I picture the animal and feeling for a "heavier" energy that will pull one hand down as I go over the mental map of the animal. Handy for lameness in horses in particular.

Knowing an animal personality wise it's really valuable I think to developing a bond wtih the animal. If you know how and why they think like they do you can work with them! Know which emotional blackmails will work and which won't!

and ask away, that's why I started this up, not just to talk to myself LOL.


ecochicnz said...

Just being curious (again)...
Once an animal passes over, how long before they can come back and speak? Are they like humans in that everyone is different, some need to go to 'hospital' first? Or are they advanced enough to come through straight away?
Do all the one's you are asked to contact WANT to speak? Or are some stubbornly quiet? *lol*