Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Autumn is Here

Not so much heat in the sun, darker in the mornings, darker in the evenings, summer looks like it's truly over! Doesn't the thought of winter just make you wish we could hibinate all winter long?! It does me, luckily I can, fire roaring all day, dogs upstairs, horses snuggled into their covers and hubby out working, just perfect hehehe.

In the meantime I've been getting ready for my hibination by building up supplies, don't ask of what it's rather embarassing the direction my addictions lie.... well OK, mugs, keyrings, fridgemagnets, anything you can get nice or funny quotes on *sigh* it's a long standing addiction, but one I've been able to satisfy recently by the way of fridge magnets, so that I can feed my addiction even more I've added a "shop" to the therapies page of the website to share the love of my beloved fridge magnet LOL.

And very exciting I've sourced a new supplier of the Himalayan Crystal Salt from Australia, just waiting on getting all the export and import MAF and Customs guff sorted before getting an order shipped!!! The supplier in Auckland decided in their infinite wisdom to stop getting in any animal blocks! The new supplier has cylinders AND blocks and a few different sizes too, so will be spoilt for choice!!!

Getting very excited too about this whole Kebzeh thing. An applied science which teaches how to access and utilise the full energy spectrum that we are comprised of. They have a HUGE worldwide gathering in Canada this year and as much as finanicially I might not get to that (in June or July) I'll be aiming for it at least!

And on that note I won a service to the Holsteiner Stallion JK Latano valued at $2,250!!! This service IS FOR SALE as I have no mares and no room in my wee paddocks for mum and a baby and this money will get put away for my trip. Kebzeh should be able to open all energy work up like never before, will be interesting to see how it can or will expand the communication aspect of energy work!!! So if anyone is interested in a discounted service for a most beautiful 17hh grey Holsteiner, let me know!!!! Otherwise it will be put up on trademe.co.nz and go to the highest bidder. The Universe has ways of providing that's for sure!

Well the boy child is building blocks on the desk beside me and needs some help with the ramps and tunnels so I'm off!

Take care, love as much as you can

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