Friday, May 2, 2008

The Newest Addition

Just when I was enjoying only having 4 dogs, please enter another needy child.

Got a ring from my old work place (the cop shop) since a few of them know I'm a sucker to save a dog from the blue needle, as the pound had one about to go bye byes. A German Shepherd cross, offered to the police, turned down, and as they don't 'actively' rehome dogs, his time was up.

Being a sucker for a baby in need I said yes (with every intention of being a foster home!) Then I got rung back saying all was fine a lady saw him, fell in love and took him home! All is good! I got another call 2-3 hours later saying he'd been returned as the lady's bitch had attacked him.

So it's all go again, a lady from the station brings him out when she's finished work (lovely thing she is since it's 1/2 hour drive one way!) and in the car is this little wiggly mass of puppy! 5mths old, guarantee it's a bull mastiff x shepherd, lovely wee boy!

So now we need a name for him!!! Any ideas?????


Annt64 said...

Im not convinced about the BM . . definitely the shepherd though! He kinda looks like Sgt Sniff from the old What Now show (remember the one from when Steve Parr was the host back in the early-mid 80s). Quite fitting too given that he was a police-reject! :-) he looks a lovely kind boy

KA said...

I say bull mastiff because we rescued one from the pound about 3-4 yrs ago surrendered by the owner who had BRED this dog as a GSD/bullmastiff cross. Was sable like a GSD, GORGEOUS soft silky LONG coat (like this boy) and although he had a fine face he had the bullmastiff ears and a slightly darker mask. You'd NEVER in a million yrs have picked him as a bully cross! This boy has the right colouring, the EXACT same coat and tail as this last cross we rescued, and so far his ears seem to be painted on just like the bullies hehehe, just kidding, he's a bit "pro-active" at food time but pretty damn good for just arriving, only a couple (or 3) accidents over night but at least they were hard ones LOL.