Thursday, May 1, 2008

well autumn is gone

and it looks like winter is upon us! I can't believe I haven't posted anything for a month! So what have I been up to? Not much if the truth be known hehehe. Being getting more riding in, Mac has been "working" and I mean REALLY working. Dressage is coming ahead in leaps and bounds, as a younger rider many years ago I would fluke 2 or 3 strides of engaged work and Mac is such a tense boy I thought how we were going would be it for us (looked nice but tense!) but after getting his hip fixed again at the beginning of Feb we had fights interspersed with GREAT work, lots of fighting, then giving into real swinging, rounded work! I honestly was getting so frustrated with the fights we were having I didn't appreciate the work I was getting till about a month ago! Now every ride we have there are NO fights, just straight into REAL work! It's still stunned me that "I" have gotten a horse to do this!

It's a real "WOW" for me LOL.

So each day fades into another, the boy child is growing (is now 2!) and talking so much better, I can finally understand 90% of what he's saying!

Pete blew up his 4th vehicle since I've known him *sigh* but on the plus side we've found a nice little cheap economical car with low km's on it and should save us in fuel... Makes me glad I'm not working does the price of fuel!!!! Oh My God!!! That and the price of food escalating is just plain SCARY!

So planted some late vegies in the garden and harvested all my pumpkins, found out I can grow things after all! Even my transplanted gum tree that made me PROMISE to keep the horses away from it is still hanging in there (well yes the promise to supply water to it way up by the road was secondary to protecting it from Mac hehehe) so it appears my thumbs might be getting a bit greener as I get older!

All the remaining animals are in good health *touches wood*

Oh and I finally got my order of Himalayan Crystal Salt from Oz! So the boys have been able to get stuck in and just getting the labels sorted at the printer as we speak! Love the stuff! Love the difference I've seen in the animals that needed it too!

So fingers crossed it won't rain over night tonight, my instructors arena needs to dry up so I can have a lesson tomorrow morning, and give me good luck vibes when I try to bribe her into saying she'll clip Mac for me hehehe.

Take care and keep talking!

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