Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a bright wee sausage!

well his name is Leo, although I've found myself calling him Elmo a couple of times (my deceased wee baby mastiff) He's settled like he's never been anywhere else.

Third meal and he knows his is the LAST of the 5 bowls down and that he'd better wait for it!

Rode Mac today and he kept well clear when asked too, anyone would think he'd been around horses his whole short life!

Such a lovely intelligent wee man and his coat is like silk.

I'm sure I recognise him from somewhere but haven't gone there yet, not sure I want to know to be honest! Somethings are best discovered with time I reckon :)

Got the fire going for the first time today, can't beat a real fire!

And that's it! Healing circle is not far off starting so better get out of here.


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