Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthdays and Whale Watching...

November seems to be a month of birthdays! Happy Birthday to my little bro living in the USA, a friend just turned 40 two days ago and another turns 50 in 2 days time. For her 50th birthday Lisa wanted to go whale watching in Kaikoura, so we are off there on Saturday!!!

As a kid I used to dream about swimming with whales and saving them after they were harpooned (I think that started after I saw a TV doco saying the whales would drown after being harpooned) so I would get to them, get them up to the surface, remove the harpoon and we'd swim away, needless to say I have a lingering love for whales so am really looking forward to it! I'll report back with what they have to say and some photos after Saturday!

In the meantime Guy Fawks is upon us, we are very lucky to live rurally so we don't have a big fire works issue, just enough in the township to ensure we all, animals and people, have something to go oooooh and aaaaaah over.

If you have animals fearful of them, just explain what they are, how they work, and that we let them off as a celebration and it's a happy event. The horses and dogs listen here, the goats don't, they just blast around the paddock (good for the fatties to be honest!) and eventually go and hide in the implement shed LOL. I have noticed Leo has actually been 'fearful' of a few gunshots heard here over the last week, that is a new behaviour for him, so I'll have a wee chat to him when they start up and we'll sit down and watch them (if it's not raining!)

So enjoy the fire works if you have them, keep your animals safe and have fun!

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