Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Young Cats Take on Life...

I had the opportunity to talk with a young cat last week, he's not even a year old yet and yet his take on things is very deep and wise and he was very happy to share... so here is some of what I got from him for his mum...

What is his take on life? it is there one moment at a time. I ask him as a cat, how he thinks we people should live, he says we should take things more lightly, the only thing that is really important is each other, and we should be more aware of others and enjoy our contact with them. I ask him then about the other cats who don't always understand the Laughing Buddha (a nickname I gave the boy after seeing the first photo of him lying on his back, eyes squeezed shut and mouth open, grinning (probably mid sneeze LOL) and he liked it) and related that back to what should we do when there are people who just don't understand us or vice versa... he shows me you blowing them a kiss and turning away - send them love and move on. I ask him, what about when we're tired and just don't feel like laughing? He says then you are to receive the love and he inserts himself in the picture, he will laugh for you and will wrap you in love until you find your own again.

So now putting some heavier stuff on the young fella, I ask him why we are all here... and he says a life is going to happen a soul has to fill it, that we see what is about to live and we choose which one we want to be, I ask why and he indicates that it would be a waste of opportunity, a waste of the complexity of the chemical things happening to allow 'life' if they (the souls/spirit etc) ignored it and didn't participate, like it is their responsibility to enable it to reach it's full potential, to realise all the possibilities, hard to explain properly, haven't had one put it across from that perspective before. The bio-chemical part of expansion or creation is 'ripe' to happen, but without the soul it is not complete, so the spirits responsibility (and opportunity) is to complete that process by participating in it.

I ask him what is the purpose of the separation of spirit, of it being split to be contained in a physical body like it is and he gives "identity", self awareness I guess, which is funny because all the books and quotes are of "One-ness" of us remembering or recognising that we are all part of the "One", all part of the same energy, all part of "God", and that we should see past our individuality and be aware we are all part of the same thing, and yet he is saying the whole reason we are here in these bodies is so that we can get/obtain/hold on to a sense of individuality, a sense of "self" which we don't have if we remain 'energy' and simply a spark of energy within the Energy... so that is interesting to hear (and I guess it does make sense that we could do both, just seems like it shouldn't be such a battle to recognise that "One-ness" when we only incarnated to find a sense of Self LOL.)

Pretty deep for a young fella huh?

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