Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Interesting shift from animals to Earth...

it seems to be that I'm getting surrounded by clips and reminders about the planet as a whole rather than just animals. Probably started with the subconscious shift from land to sea while thinking about the whales and suddenly I'm more "aware" of things to do with the planet around me.

These have all been shared on the FaceBook page but I have found them important enough to me that I'll share them here too... they are long clips as far as you tube clips go and I know that will put most people off, it certainly put me off when I first got emailed the link to the movie "Home" about a year ago, but after I'd watched the 24 min clip of Kiesha talking about the changes the planet is undergoing, and having a chat myself with the whales consciousness and then the planet, I found that link for the "Home" movie pop up in front of me again and watched it.... WOW!!!! What a great movie, I'm actually watching it again today, the camera work is absolutely AMAZING, the message is timely and although it starts out being one of those heart breaking "what the hell can we do about it?!" things, the movie actually finishes outlining how we as countries and governments ARE changing things for the positive, which makes the whole movie extra special :o)

So, here are the 2 links, again I know most of you won't watch them due to the length of them, but if you're ready to engage with Mother Earth I'm sure you'll find yourself just clicking on them and loving them too :o)

Kiesha from the Tribe of Many Colours speaks in Zurich

"Home" a movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

and lastly some "thoughts" I had while driving to Christchurch on Friday just past...
the day I was supposed to be first going to go and see the whales, my oldest bitch Karma asked as I was leaving if I would ask the whales to send her some healing, struck me as odd, but I said OK to her and off I went. Of course the whales weren't about so we didn't go out and when I got home I got a "well?????" as I got in with her. Told her we didn't get to see any.

I'd watched that 20 min clip talking about what we've done to the planet and how it's affecting different species around the world, and of course it mentions the Gulf Oil Spill too... Now ages ago straight after the CHCH earthquake as I was sending some energy to Mother Earth in the Christchurch area it was sucked like a vortex into the Gulf of Mexico instead, like a bottomless pit, didn't think much of it, obviously mother earth decided that was much more necessary for her, so be it.

So today as I got down towards Kaikoura I thought I'd just see what I could pick up from any whale consciousness down there. I simply asked whey they were not around when we'd wanted to see them. Who knows what gave this back to me but I got them out in deep waters doing healing (now I'd never thought of whales as healers before, dolphins yes, but not whales, until Karma had asked for some from them!) and when I asked what for I got the Gulf of Mexico. Got closer in to Kaikoura and looked at the mountains thinking how little we could guess was going wrong around the planet looking at the beauty she still contains on the surface and I did as was asked in that clip. I sent Mother Love and Love for healing. As I was doing this (and you have to remember my head doesn't shut up so I chatter incessantly!) I asked about the earthquakes. Certainly unusual for us as a country to have them ongoing like they are, so I simply asked why they were happening, and I got back quite simply "to move the plates". So of course I asked why they needed to move? and got back the Gulf of Mexico again.

Would love to know a couple of things..... firstly are the whales being seen LESS since the Gulf of Mexico due to them being out deeper doing the healing? and secondly what is happening with the plates here after the quakes, movement, directions etc and how that may (if it is!) be linked to the plates around the Gulf of Mexico.

Was interesting anyway, and a good little bonding session with old Mother Earth :o)

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