Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busy days!

Still trying to get through work, child isn't falling asleep till 8-8.30pm most nights which is driving me nuts, weather is BEAUTIFUL, garden is sprouting and needs some more planted in it fast!

Haven't heard anymore about how Smokey is going :(

Mac and I are gearing up for our dressage on Labour weekend. We're going to do our first Elementary (level 3) test, simply because on the 2nd day of the competition one of the 2 Novice tests I would do is a musical freestyle!!! I don't think so! Still wanted to do the 2 tests each day tho so decided to give 3.3 a whirl! Nothing much exciting in it so we should be OK with the content even if we don't perform it to a level 3 standard hehehe.

Have just picked up a couple of books to read, I got Connecting with Horses by Margrit Coates for mum for Xmas and knowing she'd give it back to me to read, thought I'd better read it first instead hehehe, made me curious as to what some other communicators write like, so grabbed The Language of Miracles by Amelia Kinkade and Beyond Words by Marta Williams (the only communication book I had prior was Marta Williams' Learning Their Language, which although I've never quite got round to completely finishing is a great book!!! So no point asking what the new books are like (apart from Connecting with Horses which I'm about 1/2 way through!) as it'll be years before I read and actually finish them!!!

Have had a few people recently wanting consults done who ARE already communicating with their animals, which is interesting. A couple have found it harder to do their own animals, and a couple have "lost it" recently, which prompts me to ponder what happened that they've suddenly found it harder to 'hear' them than previously....

So! Share YOUR experiences! When you've said or thought something to one of your animals and they've done it, or acknowledged you in some way, or what you've actually "heard" by way of words, images or feelings from something other than your own mind!


Poolee said...

Just browsing through your blogs and found this. My wife and I had, at the time, suspected our Abyssinian (Sheba) understood more than she let, and one day in the bathroom my wife spotted a particularly large daddy long legs. She screamed of course! ;-)

So I came running to the rescue, as did Sheba. After clearing away the nasty spider we expressed to Sheba that maybe she could earn her keep by checking the corners of the bathroom for spiders. My wife and I chuckled and went on with what we were doing.

Sheba, however, took her new duties seriously and from that day onward regularly checked at least one corner in the bathroom when she came in. Having since moved house to a place with even more spiders, we asked Sheba to also check the kitchen for spiders.

This too she has been doing regularly... first a wee close-up look under the toe kick, then a tentative wave of the paw (I'm guessing this is to check for spider webs that she couldn't see).

It's quite amusing to watch, and we always try to remember to thank for checking.

There have been many, many, many other instances where we believe she understands us... her timing for meows when we talk about here are a dead give-away!!

KA said...

lovely! Thanks for sharing that Poolee, it's lovely to hear so many animals will give confirmation that they understand and wonderful Sheba is doing her job so well :o) Good on you guys!