Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saddle Fitting...

Took Mac to get his saddle fitted a week ago, unfortunately it didn't! Ray (the blind saddle fitter!) recommended a couple of different types that would suit Mac's shape best and said he needed an XW gullet (and here was me thinking he was looking so "trim" lately LOL)

Had some wonderful ladies in the horsey industry offer me some great deals on Trainer saddles and it was only the fact that my local saddlery shop decided to match that price and get me a trial one that I didn't go with the others, but really appreciate the offers made from Jude at Provista Riding, Danny at Rangiora Saddlery and Sue at Lucas Saddlery here in town. All great ladies!

Had our lesson in the trial saddle today, it's a very bouncy saddle! Will have to get some stickybum jods to do those sitting trots now hehehe.

Best thing is Mac no longer has to "be patient" I've finally got it sorted for the poor boy!

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