Thursday, October 30, 2008

ROAD TRIP!!!!! eek!

Well next Tuesday I'm heading to the North Island with child in tow (tell me why?!)

Stopping in Waitara for the night heading up, spend a week with Smokey (who stalled for a couple of days and I know he's finding riding not so exciting right about now, in fact it's a bit "hard") and organise to get him home.

Delivering salt along the way including to a new saddlery shop that's going to be opening in Sth Auckland.... Gail at 358 Ridge Rd, Taukau/Pokeno, will have some 1kg bags in stock so pop in when the shop opens and check her out!

Heading back down south again on the 14th to get to Owhango in the Ruapehu District to do the school fair there on Saturday, (old school friend I caught up with recently at our school reunion rang out of the blue to see if I would do their school fair and it was timed perfectly for when I was planning a trip up!) and then over to Taranaki on Sunday the 16th to do some work and catch up with an internet buddy.

Home sweet home on the 18th November!!!

Looking forward to it actually and hoping like hell I find time to do a couple of stop offs and say hi to some people along the way!

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