Wednesday, October 1, 2008

YAY! Dressage weekend went well

Had the first of our spring/summer series over 2 days, and although I was disappointed AGAIN at the tension in our tests we got 4 2nds in our 4 Novice tests and after even my coach who was there (getting the 1sts on her younger horse!) said he didn't look tense I watched the videos of the tests. She was right! You couldn't see that much tension there at all, which makes me wonder how great our lessons look with NO tension in them!!!!

One test was done in gusting strong winds and poor old Mac loathes the big winds so we had a few "episodes" during that test but everyone else must have too, because it was still worth a 2nd place LOL.

So now trying drastically to get some work cleared as I'm off to Auckland on Friday for the weekend to see young Smokey.

Heard today he's not being ridden yet which is actually really disappointing since I was told over a month ago it should only 3-4 weeks as his attitude was so good and that was factored into how much I paid for him and the timing of my visit (3 weeks after he was confirmed mine!) GRRRRR, might have to have a talk to him about blowing the budget! Doesn't the horse know he's supposed to fit into MY plans?! LOL still, I guess the last thing you do is put a time limit on anything to do with animals right?!!!! I'll curb my disillusionment at no longer having the "perfect horse" who can be started in a fortnight hehehe and still looking forward to at last meeting him!

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