Friday, October 17, 2008


Smokey was backed yesterday! His first time with someone on him and he was great apparently!

Roll on the photo's!!!!

I had actually just given him a pep talk the night before too, reminding him he needed to trust Sola so that she would feel OK about getting on him, and giving him some nice positive images of what being ridden will mean for him.

Then I got the email last night saying Sola had been on him.... a while later while watching TV and working during the ads (slack I know but I'm still hopeful McLeods Daughters will get back to the good viewing it USED to be!) my screensaver came on and it's a slide show of all the photo's on the computer. The first one up always seems to be of Smokey. Well I saw it come up and the the link was instant complete with the all over body shivers. He was just so happy with himself, so proud! When I'd seen him in Auckland I told him how great he looked in his "big boy clothes" (his saddle etc) well he fired at me his "big boy clothes" were now REAL BIG BOY clothes including a rider hehehe. So cute!

So now to book my trip back up in November. Got work to do but will be in Auckland for just over a week so will be able to see the boy each day and work with him.

He's such a sweet heart!

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