Friday, December 12, 2008

All are Settling Juuuuuust Fine...

Smokey is settling in really well. Bought myself a rasp and a hoof knife to deal to his split hoof as it needed attention and he's not quite ready for the farrier (but not far off it by gum!) so took some skin off (damn those new rasps are sharp!) and filed all 4 feet (a token gesture in reality!) Chopped a 'V' into the split (still needs more but I don't know what I'm doing LOL so it'll do for now!)

He's getting scratches loose in the paddock, will even position his bum for me hehehe.

Mac is a new horse. Not only is his new saddle going great on him, but his face is just worry free now. It's funny I know I like Smokey A LOT, and I was really worried about having the "equivalent" feelings for him as for Mac and Mac getting a bit anti because of it (very jealous, one person horse there!) Well I see Mac's face when I walk out to him and it's like seeing a new horse! What I feel for Smokey doesn't even enter the same ball park as what I feel for Mac and Mac now knows it, Smokey isn't a threat any more and the "feeling" I have from/with Mac is all new, it's very secure, it's very complete and in truth this wee test has proven NOTHING will ever alter or threaten what we have.... Fabulous! And the spark in Mac's eye is so great to see again.

The funny thing is if I have Mac or Roger out and take them up to Smokey in his area (tape between them) Smokey is all "Oh OK, I'm interested but I'll stay very polite and back here out of the way."

When I have SMOKEY out and take him up to see Mac and Rog, he'll nibble at Mac's nose to make Mac pull away from being nosey and away from me! You can just see him saying "I'M with her, not YOU!" If I give Mac a cuddle, Smokey will try to pull me away LOL, so very cute!

Did 5 mins of some of Parelli's stuff with him 2 sessions ago, he understood what I wanted by the end but not up on the ball... The next day we did it again and he was "yep, know this!" I do the "KA says" game. He has to stay by my shoulder, walk - he walks, run - he trots, halt, back up etc etc. The first day he was trying to be ahead of me, and not paying attention, 2nd day and I couldn't trick him! Such a wee sausage!

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