Thursday, December 4, 2008

Language of Miracles by Amelia Kinkade

Not my favourite style of writing, writes very much as she (or I LOL) would talk, but it does serve to keep it simple enough even when she's getting scientific on HOW energy exchanges work.

Got to a point where she is listing out all the questions you could try asking an animal to practice on and with those questions she tells you how to feed out the questions to the animal, ie visualising or feeling what you're wanting to ask and gauging the response from the animal to the question. Very good! That's stuff I was doing anyway but never really knew if it was how others did it or whether I'd just stumbled across something, so nice to know that is how others do it, so know that advice I'm feeding out for clients is 'correct' so to speak!

For someone who accidentally fell into doing this, it's actually really nice to have confirmation that I'm doing it "right" as it were LOL, you know those self doubt demons that we have to face? Amelia says she STILL faces them, so a very encouraging book to say "yes, you're on the right track, been there before you but still walked the same path."

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