Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Altered Behaviours that weren't asked for...

Have had 2 emails in 2 days from people giving feedback on consults they had done. One was with a group of cats, the other a group of dogs.

In each case the mum's wanted to know what everyone thought of the others so this was asked. Some didn't like others and we got "why", a lot was just personality clashes or one or another despising a weakness in one of the others. At no point did I ask them to try to get on with each other better, I don't see that that is my place to ask them to do something with an animal they may not like just to satisfy us.... so all reasons and feelings were just handed back to mum, advise on how to up the bonding, and some tips to help perhaps fix any problems.

Well both emails received in the last couple of days remark that all animals are much more relaxed with all the others, they are sleeping closer, or playing together. Sad or frustrated animals are appearing more relaxed and calmer....


In reality nothing I said to, heard from or suggested to any of the animals would bring about that type of change in behaviour! So why the changes?

Is it that the feel different energy off their mums once mum understands their reasons for things? Is it that just happy to be heard they allow themselves to let go of the little things that bugged them?

To be honest I'm not sure if it's either or both or something else! What do you think????

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