Monday, December 1, 2008

Beyond Words by Marta Williams

gosh, I'm wondering why I didn't start reading these animal communication books years earlier! Probably because I didn't know it existed LOL.

Only the first few pages into Marta's book and she shares a story about how animals KNOW how/what we're feeling and will interact with us etc.

She is doing a workshop with a group and they've all had a horse to go and talk with and they meet back in the stall of her horse. A chick came forward to give her feedback of what she'd got and Marta's horse turned his head and put his head over her shoulder and his cheek against hers for about 3 mins and then yawned or something. Marta couldn't explain it because it was very unlike him to touch anyone and everyone asked her why he'd done it she had to say she didn't know.

When they got back inside and they were busy doing something else, Marta took the opportunity to link in with the horse and ask him.........

Wow, that was a great story to hear because I often think these "famous" people are just in constant communication, but to know that even tho she was right there beside him she had no idea why he'd done it, and "had to link in with him" afterwards to ask him about it.... makes me feel a less distanced from that image I had given to them!

Finished the book and it's great, need to go thru it again a little slower (it's an easy read because it's just stories etc) but there are stories in there about talking to water and nature etc too which is cool..... didn't like the story of the trembling pine tree amongst all the Christmas trees, never liked killing a live tree for Christmas anyway but that sort of backed THAT feeling up to the nth degree!!!

Having finished that book in Christchurch I went visiting Danny a girlfriend down there, lent her the book for the night and then went ghost hunting (my first time!) Danny seems to have luck seeing things like that and she lives 2 mins away from a new subdivision where ghosts have been seen and big Maori massacres happened.... mothers drowned their babies in the lagoons to save them being eaten or enslaved.

So we went for a drive and parked up, wound down windows, got eaten alive instantly by mozzies (who the heck would buy there with all those mozzies around?!!!!)

But we were too busy yacking about things and nothing was "visable" so we went for a drive up further where it's still farmland and a bit scrubby and drove thru there. Got to a point where I was just thinking "strange energy" and Danny said "that's the lagoon where they had eels and the food supply (and here was me thinking she was going to say "where they drowned their babies.") So we drove on and still saw nothing and I said that I thought she was going to say about the drownings and she said she had been going to but thought better about saying it!) By then it was 10pm so I dropped Danny home. As I drove off down the road towards town I talked to the strange energy I felt and asked if it was anyone... Amongst other vague feelings I got a very clear "come back!"

So I turned around and headed back thinking I wasn't going to far down that gravel road cause I couldn't remember which way I had to turn to get around the area and didn't want to get lost in there! Parked up just past that lagoon area (which you can't see) and talked with the energy.

I think I got a young female.... she felt guilty for hiding and she heard screams of her family etc. She was definitely "stuck" in that negative energy and I didn't know how to unstick her! Did all the usual talk linking her back to the whole etc but she was still stuck.... after about 20 mins I headed off into town again and as I was going I suddenly thought of trying to link her to loved ones (like I do with living animals who are grieving for lost ones etc)

So I called in the mother of the energy and the father of the energy and definitely had 2 other energies there, left them with her (was tired and losing interest by then to be honest LOL) but got a very strong feeling of gratitude from the 2 new energies there.

Was an interesting thing to happen although in reality rather vague... I was hoping after reading the book I may have linked with the land itself, but it was definitely a person that popped up.

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