Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lovely Weather, Perfect Days...

Hay is nearly ready to be cut, but heading down to Christchurch for the annual Chans Martial Arts Black Belt Grading tomorrow, and home on Sunday after my Sister-In-Law gets married!

In the meantime today we spent some lovely time playing with the critters in the paddock. Put some Himalayan Crystal Salt out for Smokey (he had no idea what he was supposed to do with the salt block LOL so we gave him a bowl of loose salt)

He is really getting smoochy now, friendly, allowing pats and scratches and cuddles in the paddock not having to be "caught" which is cool.

Mac and Roger (Mac in particular!) is on startvation big time poor wee poppets, gotta be cruel to be kind sometimes! Mac is like a camel! Seems to store his food and water in his fat humps, located in various positions around his body (little blimp!) At least being strip grazed they love me to bits twice a day hehehe.

Work is just ticking along, no extremely exciting cases to talk about. Have started the Marta Williams book I bought a month or so back, Beyond Words, loving it so far, mainly stories of her's and clients or students. Very good and Fishpond had it for a good price!

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